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Brand Design


How will your brand come to live visually? How can you tell a consistent, cohesive and relatable story without saying a word? How do your express your personality before coming face to face with people? If your marketing materials and communication channels are inconsistent with your brand values and personality, it will disappoint and confuse your audience.
A well executed brand design builds credibility and brand recognition. It highlights your key values and what people can expect from you. It includes only the things necessary to deliver the message (simple design is incredibly hard to do well). We leverage on effective brand designs to help build awareness and drive conversions for your brand.
Brand design components:
  • visual identity
  • logomarks
  • branded packaging
  • marketing collaterals
  • colour + typography
  • brand guidelines
  • brand voice + personality
  • website + social media

Some of the brands we've helped:

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