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The story started late one night, when 2 friends were working late into the night and due to the excessive amounts of coffee they’d consumed, had the idea of exploring entrepreneurship. Having brand and marketing experiences in multinational corporations fuelled us to explore where neither had gone before – becoming our own bosses. Brand360 was established in 2007 because we were simply blown away by brands being the most powerful and most valuable asset of the business – and we still are. We remain dedicated to developing the best ways to harness and build this most valuable asset.

We help build real and enduring value for brands through insight, strategy and creativity. Experience shows us that marketing success comes from knowing who you are, how you are different from your competitors and constantly delivering on your values at every step of the way, growing and evolving with the times. Using the right combination of proven methodologies, tools and creativity, we out-think your competition rather than out-spend them. By developing the strategic brand and marketing solutions that are optimum for your brand, we ensure that your internal culture is aligned with your external public reputation, and your verbal identity is aligned with your visual identity.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we help multinational corporations and forward thinking businesses develop sharp + clear brand strategies as the basis for effective and compelling marketing activities. To us, no two brands are alike, each is unique with a unique set of needs and wants. So while we use proven methods as a framework, we also use our hearts, smarts and curiosity to dive a little deeper, understand a little more and deliver a better brand and marketing solution.


Work with us because:
  • we have a strategy-driven specialist approach
  • our consultants are certified professionals
  • we are committed to delivering business results
  • we are a small but dedicated family of brand + marketing enthusiasts
  • the team you see is the team working with you all the way
  • we believe your brand’s needs and issues are unique, there is no “cookie cutter” approach
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